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The Paparazzi Heels Styling Guide: Wear & Style Them The Right Way!

The Paparazzi Heels Styling Guide: Wear & Style Them The Right Way!

Our latest Paparazzi Heels come with our first-ever interchangeable straps!

You have the creative freedom to style up or style down your Paparazzi Heels when you switch between our regular buckle and our latest long string strap. 

Here's a simple breakdown of how you should detach and insert the buckles along with some ways you can style your long string strap. 

Step 1: Removal

IGS_paparazi shoe guides-01

As shown in the picture above, when removing the buckle strap, ensure that you are pulling the buckle through the loop instead of the hook as the elastic at the end of the hook might loosen after many uses. 

Step 2: Styling

IGS_paparazi shoe guides-02

When inserting the long string strap, you may insert it however you want as there are no buckles or hooks in this strap. Once you have inserted the long string strap, you can try the three styling designs shown above. 

Style 1: Wrap Around Style

For our minimalistic queens, you can opt for the loop-around method. You would only need to wrap the long string strap around your ankle until you are satisfied with the remaining string length. With the remaining length, you can opt to tie a pretty bow or just a simple double knot, and voila, you're all done!

Style 2: Criss Cross Style

If you're interested in creating some visually aesthetic design, you may try our second style which is our criss-cross method. You would need to wrap the string once around your ankle then bring both strings to the opposite end of the shoe and wrap them to the bottom of the shoe. Pull the strings back up and create another cross pattern from the earlier criss-cross you have created. Once the criss-cross pattern is to your liking, you may wrap it once more around your ankle and secure it with a bow or a knot.

Style3: Elongated Criss Cross Style

Our final styling look is for all our glamorous girls! To achieve the elongated criss-cross effect, you would first need to wrap once around your ankle, then make an X while wrapping the long string strap higher on your leg. Then you just have to repeat that step until you are satisfied with the length. You can choose to secure it with a cute bow or a double knot would work just fine as well!

And that's all the 3 styles from us. Feel free to visit Pinterest or other fashion tutorial articles to explore more styles!

Step 3: Inserting

IGS_paparazi shoe guides-03

When you're inserting back the buckle strap into the shoe loop, make sure to put in the buckle strap starting with the buckle end of the strap. As mentioned, if you insert the strap through the hook end, it would wear off the elastic tip. 

Bonus Tip:

IGS_paparazi shoe guides-04

That's all the tips we have for you! Hope to see you styling and rocking the Paparazzi Heels soon   Remember to tag us in your post so we can see you slaying your look   

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